Use this option if you would like to track information for an entire team. Our pages can be used to track and simplify many different aspects of running a team. Some of the things that can be done are listed below.

    - Keep the roster and all information about the players in one secure place, accessable anywhere with an internet connection.
    - Schedule team events and games online so that all of your players and or parents can view the schedule and game results.
    - Create reminder messages that are automatically sent out about your games or team events.
    - Send other messages by email or text messaging to everyone in your team or organization.
    - Enter and track game or player statistics from your games. These can be broken up by game, league or tournament.
    - Post team links to websites that you would like others on the team to have access to.
    - Team pages can be either public (for all to view) or private (allowing you to invite who you want to be able to view or modify your team information).
    - More features are coming, send us an email using the link below if there is something missing that you would like to see added.
    - All of this is of no cost to you, there can be minimal advertising on the pages to help offset our hosting and development costs.